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Locally Owned & Operated
Auto body shop c-class
12 / years experience
We specialize on Sprinter Van sales, repairs and conversions. Cargo Van to Crew, Cargo Van to Passenger, Cargo Van to RV. All types of windows installation (regular, T-Vent, etc)

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Are you looking for a Sprinter Van?

Our cars are delivered fully-registered with all requirements completed. 45 days warranty on all of our vans.

Are you looking for a Sprinter Repair Shop?

Our San Diego Sprinter Pitstop is staffed by experts with all required tools for any repair on your van. Pre purchase inspection, sprinter van service A & service B, sprinter van maintenance, sprinter van repair, sprinter engine rebuild, sprinter transmission rebuild, sprinter body work, sprinter painting, sprinter electrical and more


High quality vans for sale

Best quality! We’ve done all required maintenance. 45 Days Warranty! Any Sprinter sizes in stock. Come and check it out!

Sprinter Customization

Windows, seats, solar, ceiling fan & electrical installation. Insulation, paneling, customization. Raptor painting.

Trusted By Thousands

Locally Owned & Operated Sprinter Repair shop/ Sprinter Body Shop / Sprinter vans dealership.

Sprinter Service & Repairs

Our service department maintain your van to stay safe & reliable on the road for many more years. We can help you to keep your van in perfect shape.